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The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution in the world

Greetings! You have reached the 100% student maintained homepage of the Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar.
This wiki is created for free expression on arts, culture, history, biography, geography, science and technology, politics, law and anything under the sun. Our aim, at the inception of this website, was to generate interest in various disciplines among the fraternity of law students.

What is a Wiki?
According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, the term "Wiki" can be expressed very simply as : "…a collaborative website which can be directly edited by anyone with access to it." That means you can edit any page on this website, improve it, create your own pages, participate in discussions. All of the members are participants and no one is a spectator. A Wiki can thrive only in a collaborative environment and depends solely upon the willingness of a group of individuals to collaborate with each other. Editing and contributing to a wiki website is very simple and a WYSIWYG editor available when you press the edit button on the bottom of the page. For instructions on how to use a wiki effectively, you can click to view this page. A sandbox has been provided for new users who wish to experiment.

What am I here for?
This website mainly aims to create an assemblage of pages on varied topics and interest through the collaborative efforts of multiple individuals. We also encourage discussions and debates on this wiki-website. There will be multiple active discussion forums and users are encouraged to depose their opinion freely.

This website will also offer space for putting up notes which you feel are important enough for the members to know. They could be related to upcoming events in the University; seminars, conferences and meetings organised by external associations or organisations etc.

How do I join up?
Creating an account on Wikidot.com is a very simple process. In all probability, you are viewing this page because you were invited to do so. You have probably received an invitation, from which you can follow the link provided to create your account and to join this group. It is important to note that you must create the account with your real-name. This wiki has an unconditional non-anonymous login policy which must be followed by all the members.

How do I start contributing?
You can start contributing right away! Provided that you have already registered an account on this website and have joined this group, you may start by creating a page on any topic under the sun. You can also add upon existing pages to improve their quality and to add additional information. You can view a list of active pages and discussions to participate in them.

As this website develops and moulds itself into a cyber-valley for student discourse, it will grow larger and more useful. Archives of discussions will be maintained.

Notice and disclaimer

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